See below. Shown here are the various sizes in the Graphic collection See below. Shown here are the various sizes in the Graphic collection

Color: see below. Shown here are the various sizes in the Graphic collection

storm-tc-color storm-tc-color

Color: storm

pine-tc-color pine-tc-color

Color: pine

oyster-tc-color oyster-tc-color

Color: oyster

sea blue-tc-color sea blue-tc-color

Color: sea blue

rose-tc-color rose-tc-color

Color: rose

provence-tc-color provence-tc-color

Color: provence

sahara-tc-color sahara-tc-color

Color: sahara

petrol-tc-color petrol-tc-color

Color: petrol

autumn-tc-color autumn-tc-color

Color: autumn

blue grey-tc-color blue grey-tc-color

Color: blue grey

aubade-tc-color aubade-tc-color

Color: aubade

moss-tc-color moss-tc-color

Color: moss

hermés-tc-color hermés-tc-color

Color: hermés

noir-tc-color noir-tc-color

Color: noir

pale rose-tc-color pale rose-tc-color

Color: pale rose

bottle green-tc-color bottle green-tc-color

Color: bottle green

mint-tc-color mint-tc-color

Color: mint

green coffee-tc-color green coffee-tc-color

Color: green coffee

moonlight blue-tc-color moonlight blue-tc-color

Color: moonlight blue

Color: powder

ivory-tc-color ivory-tc-color

Color: ivory

marina blue-tc-color marina blue-tc-color

Color: marina blue

grey-tc-color grey-tc-color

Color: grey

turqouise-tc-color turqouise-tc-color

Color: turqouise

miel-tc-color miel-tc-color

Color: miel

dove-tc-color dove-tc-color

Color: dove

havana-tc-color havana-tc-color

Color: havana

blue clouds-tc-color blue clouds-tc-color

Color: blue clouds

blanc-tc-color blanc-tc-color

Color: blanc

Color: coral

indigo-tc-color indigo-tc-color

Color: indigo

Color: sky blue

wheat-tc-color wheat-tc-color

Color: wheat

aubergine-tc-color aubergine-tc-color

Color: aubergine


11 x 11 / 15 x 15 / 20 x 20 /
9 x 22 / 7,5 x 15  (+/- 4 mm) x 1 cm

The Graphic tile collection is hand made and hand glazed. Each glazed tile will vary in nuances within the same color.
The tiles are not in stock but will be produced when ordered.

The Graphic tile collection can be produced in half tiles with glazed edges for a perfect finish.

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