turquoise turquoise

Colour: turquoise

autumn autumn

Colour: autumn

storm storm

Colour: storm

oyster oyster

Colour: oyster

sea blue sea blue

Colour: sea blue

rose rose

Colour: rose

provence provence

Colour: provence

sahara sahara

Colour: sahara

blue grey blue grey

Colour: blue grey

petrol petrol

Colour: petrol

pine pine

Colour: pine

aubade aubade

Colour: aubade

moss moss

Colour: moss

pale rose pale rose

Colour: pale rose

noir noir

Colour: noir

miel miel

Colour: miel

mint mint

Colour: mint

green coffee green coffee

Colour: green coffee

moonlight blue moonlight blue

Colour: moonlight blue

ivory ivory

Colour: ivory

coral coral

Colour: coral

marina blue marina blue

Colour: marina blue

grey grey

Colour: grey

dove dove

Colour: dove

havana havana

Colour: havana

blue clouds blue clouds

Colour: blue clouds

bottle green bottle green

Colour: bottle green

noir matt noir matt

Colour: noir matt

powder powder

Colour: powder

blanc blanc

Colour: blanc

sky blue sky blue

Colour: sky blue

wheat wheat

Colour: wheat

aubergine aubergine

Colour: aubergine

hermés hermés

Colour: hermés

noir gold noir gold

Colour: noir gold


size: 11 x 12,5 x 1 cm
size: 20 x 23 x 1,5 cm
(+/- 1mm)

The Patchwork tile collection is hand made and hand glazed. Each glazed tile will vary in nuances within the same colour.

The tiles are not in stock but will be produced when ordered. The Patchwork tile collection can also be produced as half tiles, cut on both lengths with glazed edges for a perfect finish.

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The various deep, transparent colours in the collection offer endless combinations.

The tile has a natural shape that inspires to combine colours in patterns – but even alone in one unique colour, the Patchwork tile will vary and differentiate in nuances for each tile which gives the tiled surface a unique and versatile look – like seeing the sunlight dancing on the surface of the sea.

Get Inspired

A relief made of Patchwork tiles in the entrance hall of a townhouse in Copenhagen
PATCHWORK tiles in the shower / detail with multicolour pattern of a giant ice cream waffle
Bathroom with patchwork tiles in the color blue clouds - amazing effect using the same tile on floor and walls
Hortensia blooming from the tiled wall in Aarhus
Elegant bathroom with subtle details / Walls are covered with Aubade Patchwork tiles and lava vanity top on a custom-made furniture.
This fabulous Olive green wall is a perfect contrast to the black and white kitchen elements
Hortensia in bloom on this courtyard wall
The aubade color is an absolute favorite and gives the expression of a beautiful pearl
Kitchen wall in Olso, Norway in a cool setting of greys and whites. Wood and the kelim warms it all up again
The various deep, transparent colors in the collection offer endless combinations
The Patchwork tiles can be made as half tiles, cut on both lengths for a perfect finish
PATCHWORK / blanc - with an unfinished edge in a newly restored Mallorca residence. The combination of marble, terra-cotta and warm metallic colors work very well together
Aubade is a perfect colour for this fumed oak kitchen. We love the detail in the corner to the right.