Nanna Dahl

About Dahl Studio


Dahl Studio’s showroom opened in autumn 2012 in Lille Strandstræde in central Copenhagen. Since then, the company has supplied tiles for interior design projects in private homes, restaurants, museums, and hotels in Denmark and abroad, including projects in New York, Zürich, Jeddah, Reykjavík, Helsinki, and many other Scandinavian locations.

Dahl Studio is owned and run by Nanna Louise Dahl, who graduated as an architect from the Aarhus School of Architecture. Her custom made tiles are a study of material, color and shape, and the signature tiles PATCHWORK, PARQUET, RHOMBOS, and WINGS draw on geometry as their source of inspiration and specific point of departure. The shapes create a pattern that magnifies into architecture.

Dahl Studio offers a complete solution of wall and floor tiles as well as tabletops. Dahl Studio tiles are designed in Denmark and produced in France in a family-owned company that for generations has developed deep transparent enamels and crafted clay and exclusive materials, including lava (see COLLECTION in the menu), into one-off, handmade tiles and tabletops. The unique surfaces have a deep lustre, and crackle and individual characteristics lend depth and character to every tile.

Aesthetically, Dahl Studio operates at the intersection of Bauhaus, traditional French craftsmanship and Scandinavian functionalism, where simple meets organic.