To purchase tiles and lava worktops from Dahl Studio please call +45 2828 3545 or send

The tiles are not in stock but will be produced when ordered.
For terracotta tiles the guiding delay is 4-6 weeks and 6-8 weeks for lava tiles.
Guiding delay for lava worktops is 6-8 weeks depending on templates, detail drawings etc.
We ship worldwide and will be happy to make a quote for shipment if neccesary.
Delivery cost will be added for direct delivery.

Handmade tiles
All Dahl Studio tiles are hand made and are therefore unique and will always slightly vary in color from each other and from samples. They may also slightly vary from each production. The colours shown under each collection are normative as they can differentiate depending on the settings on your computer screen.

The enamles on both terracotta and lava has a crackled glaze. The crackled glaze can be more or less visible depending on the colour; please ask us about each colour and intensity of crackling.
The crackled glaze will paginate over time and become more visible. To postpone this process the tiles can be impregnated, before grouting and cutting and again after installing. Cracklings, however, will eventually become more visible from use, which is part of the weathering of these products.

There is an additional cost for metallic colours and for the colour Hermès.

Grouts can contain strong color pigments and this should be taken into consideration when selecting the colour of the grout. Lighter coloured tiles can be affected by dark coloured grouts bleeding into the tiles and vice versa. If you are using a mixture of dark and light tiles we would recommend using a light grout colour.

Always test a small area of tiles prior to grouting the entire area.

The tiles are singing… this meaning they can make a crackling sound in a period of time before and after being fixed. The sound comes from the glaze making the final cracklings on the surface of the tile when exposed to temperature changes and when being handled. The cracklings will normally become more visible when handled and over time.
This is part of the nature of the hand made tile and is both expected and considered normal.

All sizes both lava and terracotta are +/- 1 mm or more depending on the measure of the tile. The rectangular tiles in the Graphic and Classic collections will often vary more. The rectangular tiles and the large measured tiles can have a slight bend which will give the final result the textural expression that we like.

Natural Lava
Natural lava, unglazed will have a variety og colours in a greyscale. It is a natural stone so it is not possible to know the exact nuance and variety within the stone in advance. Natural lava can be made sawn, honed, brushed or polished.

Bauhaus pattern
We will be happy to make a suggestion for a layout of a Bauhaus pattern with 1 additional correction.
This will be charged according to the size of area etc, charged fully only if final order is not made within 4 weeks from compilation.