Next to Carlsberg this perfectly renovated townhouse with Parquet / Pine on the floor in the entrance hall
PARQUET / special sized Lavastone tiles in Petrol for barfront at the restaurant &Rudolph in Classensgade, Copenhagen
Aubade is a perfect colour for this fumed oak kitchen. We love the detail in the corner to the right.
Bathroom floor in Herringbone layout / Green Coffee on GRAPHIC / 9 x 22 / terracotta tile
Detail with lavastone tiles, shelves and window sill in Pale Rose
A Patchwork of ten different colors filled with contrast gives a perfect idea of what this tile can do
Wings lava tiles in colour rose... will work well in every room.
Counter in the DAHL STUDIO showroom covered with custom-made BAUHAUS pattern / lavastone tiles and lava countertop in color pine light
PATCHWORK tiles in the shower / detail with multicolour pattern of a giant ice cream waffle

Tiles are not just tiles. Tiles are architecture on a smaller scale, capable of transforming a room with their practical and aesthetic surface. Tiles add a personal touch to a room.

Here you can see the entire Dahl Studio collection of tiles and tabletops.
To place an order, please contact us by mail at: / telephone + 45 2828 3545, please see DETAILS in the menu for additional information.

Tiles are architecture on a smaller scale, capable of transforming a room and bringing a personal, aesthetic and functional expression by cladding surfaces. Dahl Studio designs and produces handmade bespoke tabletops and tiles in terracotta and lava.

The graphic signature tiles PATCHWORK, PARQUET, RHOMBOS, and WINGS are designed by architect Nanna Louise Dahl. The geometric compositions add depth to the room, beautiful colour interplays and unique surfaces in one or multiple colours. You can combine colours to create surprising multi-color compositions or let them vary within the same shade of colour.

Dahl Studio’s terracotta collection includes hexagonal, square, and rectangular tiles. All variants exist in a wide palette of selected colours. Lava tiles and tabletops can also be made to measure.

Dahl Studio’s showroom is located in Lille Strandstræde in the heart of Copenhagen. Here you can feel the weight of the tiles in your hand and fall in love with the vast range of colours and discuss your project.